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Nuwu Art + Activism Studios

Meet the Core

What is the Core?

The "Core" group is at the heart of what Nuwu Art is about: Community.  Core members have a studio and share common spaces at the Nuwu Art + Activism Studios. Their art practices, businesses, and non-profit organizations operate individually and independently from Nuwu Art, yet at the same time, everyone also comes together for gatherings and collaboration on a number of events and community projects.

What does Nuwu mean and what are the Nuwu Art + Activism Studios?


Nuwu is the Southern Paiute word for "the people" or "Southern Paiute people." Several years ago, Southern Paiute artist and activist Fawn Douglas founded Nuwu Art: an Indigenous-owned business that has grown to include a physical space for the people to gather. The Nuwu Art + Activism Studios are where Fawn and Core members engage in art, educational events, cultural consulting, and a number of other activities that promote efforts to maintain and revive cultural traditions in Native American, African American, Latinx/Indigenous American, and other communities of color. Many people have devoted their time, energy, expertise, and resources to supporting Nuwu Art and an ongoing process of decolonization.

What does it mean to decolonize and what does decolonization look like?


Decolonization means many things to different people at Nuwu Art and around the world. We, as Core members, meet regularly as a group to share with each other, check-in and check-on one another and our families, while following the cultural practices of those who came before us. We are also committed to bringing in and calling in others within our wider communities for healing and identity circles. Overall, our work is devoted to addressing personal, interpersonal, and community-based issues, especially those that are connected to colonial traumas dating back to 1492—many of which have continued over 500 years up through today.


We look to the past—to our ancestors and elders—as we build each other up and strengthen the community through the arts, education, and cultural revitalization. At our social gatherings, we enjoy live art, music, food, conversation, and just being present with one another. Our goal is to nurture relationships and foster community, as we help build a society that will bring the next generation(s) forward into a better future.

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