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Nuwu Art
by Fawn Douglas

Haw gawda wiyuk? Nuni neyan Fawn Douglas nik Nuwuvi. Greetings, how are you? My name is Fawn Douglas and I am Southern Paiute.


I am an artist, activist, and mother who resides in Las Vegas, Nevada. Indigenous knowledge, passed on through storytelling, influences my work, as cultural heritage bridges my people's history into contemporary times.  


The Nuwu Art Team

The Nuwu Art team consists of artivist Fawn Douglas and her partner, Dr. A.B. Wilkinson.


Fawn's practice includes the intersections of art, social justice, community, education, culture, identity, and place. A.B. is an educator and associate professor in the Department of History at UNLV. He is the author of Blurring the Lines of Race and Freedom: Mulattoes and Mixed Bloods in English Colonial America (UNC Press, 2020). Professor Wilkinson has research and teaching interests in African American history, Native American history, Ethnic Studies, decolonial theory and critical race theory in the Americasincluding the U.S., Latin America, and the Caribbean.

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Our Mission

The Nuwu Art + Activism Center is a POC-owned and operated space in Las Vegas, Nevada, that works to uplift all communities through strengthening cultural knowledge and identity through the arts, activism, and education. We advocate for the equity of our respective and collective communities through an ongoing process of decolonization and celebration of our rich cultural heritages.  #decolonize


Community Partners

Nuwu Art is a community hub where we gather with our families, friends and allies to enjoy the cultural arts in Las Vegas. We work with and partner alongside other grassroots and non-profit organizations, including IndigenousAF (IAF Inc). If you would like to help support future events and projects that take place at Nuwu Art, please visit our non-profit sister organization at There you can learn more about supporting events that take place at the Indigenous Arts Facilities located at Nuwu Art.


IAF Inc. is a registered 501(c)(3) non-profit organization in Nevada that works to support the arts and education in Las Vegas. All donations go directly to supporting this important work.

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What is the Nuwu Art Collective?


Fawn Douglas conceived the Nuwu Art Collective, which sprung from the group of talented artists who have spaces at the Nuwu Art Studios. These Las Vegas creatives all value community building and creating safe spaces for families and youth to explore their cultures, as they use their unique skills to decolonize through the arts and education.


Cultural revitalization and exploration are central themes for those who gather at Nuwu Art, as artists and guests at the studios draw, paint, sculpt, weave, and perform stories inspired by Native American (Paiute, etc.), Indigenous Latin American (Mexica, etc.), African American, and various traditions.

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