COVID Protection Policy

Nuwu Art is glad to announce that we are once again able to gather safely indoors and outdoors with all community members at Nuwu Art + Activism Studios.  We have been closely monitoring the pandemic since the beginning of the COVID crisis and sadly had to make some difficult decisions to limit events and gatherings over 2020 - 2021.  Nuwu Art made these decisions as we lost people close to us and in light of the real dangers that COVID presented our children, elders, and other vulnerable community members who carry our languages and rich cultures.


Nuwu Art still encourages the use of masks (indoors) at our facilities, which is in line with our community principles of respect and protection.  We also advocate taking regular precautions, such as handwashing, masking while sick, and getting vaccinated against COVID to help maintain community safety.


We will continue to update our guidelines as the COVID situation continues to evolve.  Finally, we thank you for understanding Nuwu Art's goal of seeking to provide healthy communal spaces for the public and we look forward to inviting everyone back to join us as we move into a new season.  (Updated March 2022)