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by Fawn

Welcome to Fawn's world of art.

Please scroll further below to explore samples from Fawn's portfolio.

Fawn heads the talented artists in the Nuwu Art Collective - a group of amazing creatives who share space at the Nuwu Art + Activism Studios.

“My art draws me closer to my Nuwu (Nuwuvi) culture and identity. I have learned much through the lessons of our tribal elders and traveling to visit our ancestral lands and sacred sites in Southern Nevada. . .  .  My art translates these oral traditions for the viewer. Many pieces operate as a filter that keeps the integrity of sacred information that my people hold dear, while allowing Nuwuvi culture to be shared with a broader audience.”

— Fawn Douglas

The Nuwu Art Collective

Culture. Community. Education.

Cultural revitalization and exploration are central themes for those who gather at Nuwu Art, as artists at the studios draw, paint, sculpt, weave, and perform stories inspired by Native American (Paiute, etc.), Indigenous Latin American (Mexica, Nahuatl, etc.), African American, and various traditions.

Cuevas, Juan 2.jpg

Juan Cuevas

Quetzal Visions

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Brent Holmes_edited.jpg

Brent Holmes

Mesa Gallery

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Theo RJ 6 edit.jpg

Theo Tso

War Paint Studios

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Danger Villao headshot.jpg

Danger Villao


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Dupris, Ben-Alex.jpg

Ben-Alex Dupris

Bendigenous Films

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Ashanti McGee 2021_edited.jpg

Ashanti McGee

Mesa Gallery

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Plascencia, Xochil_edited_edited.jpg

Xochil Xitlalli

Xochil Art

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