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Fawn Douglas, Zap! 8 - Zapped by the River, Clark County Parks & Recreation, Laughlin, Nevada, paint, 2016. 


The Zap! 8 Project took place in Laughlin, Nevada, ancestral lands of the Fort Mojave Tribe. Clark County Parks and Recreation have developed a community revitalization project to source artists to paint over power utility boxes on main street areas. I was selected to paint 5 of these utility boxes that paid respect to the original inhabitants that are still there today. I painted the bird dancer doll inspired by 6-year-old Bella Hernandez, who is Paiute and also has roots in the Fort Mojave Tribe. The painting depicts her in motion swaying her ribbon skirt as she bird dances. The bird songs and dances tell the stories of the lands, flora and fauna in the area. The ribbon dresses traditionally worn are landscape works of art that depict land, water, mountains, wildflowers, and the lace ribbon for the self. Basket pattern with dancing Nah-gah, bighorn sheep, and quail family accompany the work. The work is for all to enjoy as it sits on one of the busiest corners in the casino areas. 

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