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Frequently Asked Questions

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Frequently Asked Questions

What does Nuwu mean and what are the Nuwu Art + Activism Studios?

Nuwu is the Southern Paiute word for "the people" or "Southern Paiute people." Several years ago, Southern Paiute artist and activist Fawn Douglas founded Nuwu Art: an Indigenous-owned business that has grown to include physical spaces for the people to gather. The Nuwu Art + Activism Studios are where Fawn and other Nuwu Art Collective and Core members engage in art, educational events, cultural consulting, and a number of other activities that promote efforts to maintain and revive cultural traditions in Native American, African American, Latinx/Indigenous American, and other communities of color. Many people have devoted their time, energy, expertise, and resources to supporting Nuwu Art and an ongoing process of decolonization.

In addition to producing and selling art, what services does Nuwu Art provide?

Fawn Douglas, along with the Nuwu Art Collective and guest artists, all regularly sell their artwork.  Art and crafts at largely sold at our market events, in our gallery spaces, and online (coming soon). In addition to artwork, the Nuwu Art team provides a wide array of services, such as cultural consultation, educational presentations, event planning, and rental space for events that align with our mission concerning cultural arts and education. Many of our Core members also provide similar services. Please contact us if you are interested in acquiring original or printed art work, or if you are looking to learn more about the other services listed here.

What is the difference between the Nuwu Art Collective and the Nuwu Art Core members?

Nuwu Art Core members are those who occupy studio spaces at the Nuwu Art + Activism Studios and people who may be closely affiliated with the organizations and activities that regularly take place at Nuwu Art. These Core members have a broad span of businesses, art practices, and non-profit organizations that operate individually and independently from Nuwu Art. The Nuwu Art Collective is specifically made up of the artists that have art studios at the Nuwu Art Studios or those who regularly collaborate on projects with Nuwu Art. All members of the Nuwu Art Collective are also Core members. However, all Core members do not necessarily define themselves as artists and therefore some Core members are not an active part of the Nuwu Art Collective. At the same time, various Core members collaborate together on a number of different events and community projects.

Who represents Nuwu Art and is it affiliated with other NuWu businesses in Las Vegas?

The Nuwu Art team consists of Fawn Douglas and Dr. A.B. Wilkinson, who are co-managing members of Nuwu Art, LLC. Fawn is an enrolled member of the Las Vegas Paiute Tribe (LVPT) and does not speak for the tribe (only elected LVPT council members are authorized to speak for the tribe). Fawn and A.B. own and operate Nuwu Art, which is totally separate from other business entities owned by the LVPT (eg. Las Vegas Paiute Tribal Smoke Shop, NuWu Cannabis Marketplace, etc.). Fawn and A.B. are co-owners of the Nuwu Art + Activism Studios and the Nuwu Art Gallery + Community Center, which are a series of adjacent buildings that are all located on Maryland Parkway in the historic Huntridge neighborhood of Las Vegas, Nevada. The Nuwu Art Studios house the Nuwu Art Collective. The Nuwu Activism Studios are also home to 3 non-profit organizations – Indigenous Educators Empowerment, Mass Liberation Project (NV), and IndigenousAF.

What is IAF Inc. or IndigenousAF?


IAF Inc. does business as IndigenousAF (the names are interchangeable). IndigenousAF/IAF Inc. is a registered 501(c)(3) non-profit organization in the state of Nevada.  IAF Inc. supports community work and projects which strengthen Indigenous cultures, knowledge, and identity through the arts and education. How does IAF Inc. do this? IAF Inc. raises and distributes funding directly for experienced individuals, groups, and sister organizations that help to preserve and extend cultural traditions within our beautifully diverse communities. IndigenousAF members also help manage and organize programming that takes place at Nuwu Art and other locations.

What is the relationship between IAF Inc. and Nuwu Art, LLC?


IndigenousAF (IAF Inc.) is a registered 501(c)(3) non-profit that regularly collaborates with Nuwu Art, LLC, and helps support public programming that takes place at Nuwu Art locations. In addition to the services discussed above, Nuwu Art, LLC owns and rents buildings on Maryland Parkway to individuals and non-profits, and keeps separate accounting from these organizations. As a business, Nuwu Art, LLC does not accept donations from the public. The Nuwu Art team asks that those who wish to make donations consider giving to IAF Inc., as this funding helps provide direct support to many of the artists and activities that take place at Nuwu Art locations, as well as other cultural projects and programming. IAF Inc. organizes much of the cultural programming that take place at Nuwu Art locations. Its members also handle purchasing perishable items that the community routinely uses at Nuwu Art, such as toilet paper, cleaning supplies, and food for events sponsored by IndigenousAF. All donations made to IAF Inc. are tax deductible and its Board of Directors work on a volunteer basis, so all funding goes to administrative expenses, artists, cultural education, and arts programming. Members of both Nuwu Art, LLC and IAF Inc. adhere to strict conflict of interest guidelines. Both organizations have policies in place to ensure that those in charge of finances are held accountable and that funding is always handled responsibly.

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