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Nuwu Art + Activism Studios

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Growing in 2023

We invite the public to join us for more exciting events in 2023 at Nuwu Art! We've got two amazing new additions to our group that you'll hear more about soon: Avis Charley and Danger Villao.


The Nuwu Art + Activism Studios, along with the Nuwu Art Gallery + Community Center, are POC-owned and operated spaces located at 1325, 1331 and 1335 S. Maryland Pkwy, Las Vegas, NV. If you would like to visit us, please check for announcements on our Gallery page or our Instagram for information about upcoming events. Email us if you would like to join the mailing list.

Nuwu Art Studio Hours

By invite, appointment,
or during select events

What is the Nuwu Art Collective and/or the Nuwu Art Studios?

The core group of artists and activists are at the heart of what Nuwu Art is about: Community.  These members have a studio and share common spaces at the Nuwu Art + Activism Studios. Their art practices, businesses, and non-profit organizations operate individually and independently from Nuwu Art, yet at the same time, everyone comes together for gatherings and collaboration on a number of community events and projects.

The Nuwu Art + Activism Studios are where Fawn and core members engage in art, educational events, cultural consulting, and a number of other activities that promote efforts to maintain and revive cultural traditions in Native American, African American, Latinx/Indigenous American, and other communities of color. Many people have devoted their time, energy, expertise, and resources to supporting Nuwu Art and this ongoing process of decolonization.

What does it mean to decolonize and what does decolonization look like?


Decolonization means many things to different people at Nuwu Art and around the world. The members of the Nuwu Art Collective meet regularly as a group to share with each other, check-in and check-on one another and our families, while following the cultural practices of those who came before us. We create a safe space for our children to gather, play, and be protected. We invite in our partners, friends, and allies to learn as we enjoy art and engage in cultural exchange. We are also committed to bringing in and calling in others within our wider communities for healing and identity circles. Overall, our work is devoted to addressing personal, interpersonal, and community-based issues, especially those that are connected to colonial traumas dating back to 1492—many of which have continued within our communities over 500 years up through today.


We look to the past—to our ancestors and elders—as we build each other up in the present and strengthen the community through the arts, education, and cultural revitalization. At our social gatherings, we enjoy live art, music, food, conversation, and just being present with one another. Our goal is to nurture relationships and foster community, as we help build a society that will bring the next generation(s) forward into a better future.

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Looking for creative Studio Space
and opportunities
to build community?


The Nuwu Art Studios are filled for the season

...but we're still accepting applications on a rolling cycle. We can also consider artists and organizations who would like to rent temporary space.

  • Artists and non-profit organizations preferred

  • Studios: 160-300 sq. ft. (private) + 600 sq. ft. (shared space)

  • Term: 6-12 month lease and temporary space available

Email us with questions.

Click here for online application
if you'd like to submit your info.

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