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Theo Tso is an enrolled member of the Las Vegas Paiute Tribe and also has ties to the Navajo (Diné). He is also the creative mind behind Captain Paiute: Indigenous Defender of the Southwest. Captain Paiute wields the power of Pah (water) and grapples with evil men, like Bad Medicine. As a youth, Theo was drawn into the world of comic book superheroes and villains. However, he noticed the absence of strong Indigenous characters and saw that most Native Americans were sidekicks or stereotypical mystics. While still high school, he envisioned Captain Paiute as a corrective to the lack of representation typically found in traditional comic books, cartoons, and movies. Theo took years honing his craft and sharpening his skills with the pencil and now draws amazing images that spark the imagination. Today, Tso is the owner and operator of War Paint Studios, which houses Captain Paiute Comics. In 2021, the Nevada State Museum featured his story boards in the Find Your Folklife: We Are ‘the Folk’ All of Us exhibition. Theo has also worked on issues of Masked Men and Peace Party, and his artwork has also been featured in Phil Yea’s Winged Tiger series. While Theo collaborates with a number of other comic book artists and writers, including the Indigenous Narratives Collective, he is also working on the continuing saga of Captain Paiute for future comic book releases. Blending this eye-catching art form with tradition and current social issues, such as land and water preservation, Theo is helping to keep the culture alive.

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