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Protect the Desert National Wildlife Refuge (DNWR)


The Desert National Wildlife Refuge (DNWR) is the largest wildlife refuge outside of Alaska.  This pristine, wild landscape must be preserved not only for the sake of the wildlife who depend on it, but also for the public who recreates there, and to protect and honor the incomparable historic and cultural resources present throughout the refuge.

The DNWR is located next to the Nevada Test and Training Range. The United States Air Force is attempting to take over and reduce access to over a million acres of the Refuge for bombing and combat training. The DNWR is a protected refuge that includes hundreds of species and our natural and cultural heritage.

The Air Force currently already controls 2.9 million acres for the Nevada Test and Training Range, a sprawling expanse of public land that has been withdrawn for military use.  With so much public land already available to the Air Force, there is no need for the dramatic expansion into and destruction of the Desert National Wildlife Refuge.

Find out what's been done and where the fight to save the Refuge stands now.


Cosponsored by Center for Biological Diversity Coalition for Nevada’s Wildlife * Conservation Lands Foundation * Defenders of Wildlife Fraternity of the Desert Bighorn * Friends of Nevada Wilderness * Nevada Conservation League  National Wildlife Refuge Association * Natural Resources Defense Council * Sierra Club   Veterans For Peace * Wild Sheep Foundation * The Wilderness Society * Backcountry Hunters & Anglers * Basin and Range Watch *

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