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Nuwu Art Gallery
Community Center

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Nuwu Art Presents:

Justin Favela's



Gallery Hours

Thursdays + Fridays: 4 pm - 8 pm

Saturdays: 12 noon - 4pm

 Nuwu Art is thrilled to bring Justin Favela's Fantasía/Fantasy art exhibition here to Las Vegas.


Join the artist and friends for hors d'oeuvres, refreshments, and more!

Free admission.

Donations accepted through IndigenousAF.


Check out Justin's retrospective (Riso Riso Press).


Book Pre-Sale:

Justin Favela: Fantasía/Fantasy

A decade of practice 2011-2021

The Nuwu Art Gallery + Community Center (NAGCC) is a POC-owned art and activism space located at 1331 S. Maryland Pkwy, Las Vegas, NV 89104 (big Purple building).  Over the past 3 years, we've worked hard to get the NAGCC open to the Las Vegas public for all to enjoy.  Our first official exhibition, Beginnings, successfully softly-opened in Fall 2022 and featured works by the Nuwu Art Collective.

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