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Danger Villao is a certified culinary professional, executive copywriter, and a personal chef, yet so much more. She also runs Danger’s Paroxysm & Goods - a business that specializes in candle making and ceramics. In this area, Danger is a producer of fantasy and has a dedicated following online. She creates inspired Soy Wax candles and Wax Melts of all shapes, sizes, and scents. Starting with wet clay and often mixing her own glaze recipes, Danger has become an expert in crafting culinary-centered dinnerware that uses the food itself as a theme. Fantasy-inspired home goods and artistic sculpture, all made by hand, also sometimes lean into ceremonial smoke ware. While Danger has worked as a sous chef, pastry chef, line cook, and butcher in kitchens from in Orlando, Florida, to commercial kitchens in Seattle, Washington. Nuwu Art is glad to have Danger bringing to life ideas that connect people through fine dining and scintillating aromas that bridge deeper dialogue with many cultures here in Las Vegas. At the Nuwu Art + Activism Studios, Danger has also organized several art pop-ups and works hard to bring the Iridescence Market to life. Iridescence is a space for Intersectional Makers, and features dozens of POC and LGBTQ+ small businesses. These Friday night markets are fantastical events that feature artisan crafts, costume dress, and elaborate decorations at night markets that illuminates the collective space at Nuwu Art.

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